• Oakland International Academy is a complete K-12 provider that meets the diverse needs  of children throughout their elementary and secondary educational years, building a  foundation that will provide each graduate with the skills necessary to successfully   compete in a post-secondary setting (college, university or institute of higher education).

    Oakland International Academy is founded on the conviction that education is the community’s most important source of equal opportunity, and each student, regardless of  ethnicity, religious background or cultural background, deserves an education designed  to  promote greater knowledge, talent and skills. Furthermore, the school believes in the  value of diversity and the concept that learning from and building upon our differences  and uniqueness can be the strength of our continued growth as a community and as a  nation.  

    Through the promotion of an enthusiastic learning environment, students will know they attend school to learn. To enforce the enthusiastic interactive learning at Oakland  International Academy a variety of teaching methods will be utilized including   differentiated instruction, cooperative learning, dynamic direct instruction hands-on   activities and other engaging methods. Lessons will be thoughtfully prepared and mapped  to coincide with the Michigan Curriculum Framework, detailing benchmarks and  grade level content expectations, in an effort to maintain consistency with No Child Left    Behind and Ed Yes mandates.

  • Statement of Values

    1. An innovative educational opportunity should be provided for every Kindergarten through Twelfth Grade student.

    2. Our unique student population requires various educational strategies and curriculum to achieve grade level expectations.

    3. All students deserve the opportunity to be academically successful and productive members of society.

    4. Students need opportunities and practice in recognizing examples of quality, ethics, and teamwork in life.

    5. Students require guidance in recognizing that academic preparation and planning, along with personal interest skills, relate to college/career choice and understanding of the student’s responsibilities to achieve personal success.


    Mission Statement 

    Students of all backgrounds will achieve academic growth and proficiency both at grade level and beyond to prepare them for their college and career goals.  

    We are OIA...We are College Bound!


    Vision Statement

    Through a strong partnership with all stakeholders, students will be supported in the acquisition of English and core content subject matter.  Data analysis and program evaluation will drive decision-making regarding research-based instructional strategies used in the classroom.