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Ratio of Students to Teaching Staff

Ratio of Elementary Students to Teaching Staff = 12:1

Ratio of Intermediate Students to Teaching Staff = 8:1

Ratio of MS-HS Students to Teaching Staff = 11:1

Elementary Subjects

The elementary school subjects included:

Language Arts



Social Studies


Computer applications

Physical Education

MS/HS Subjects

The following subjects are taught during the academic year in 7th through 12th grades:

Language Arts (Low, Basic, & Advanced English; Language Arts; Public Speaking; Reading Strategies; Highly Proficient Language Arts)

Mathematics (Algebra I & II; Geometry; Advanced Math; 7th grade Math; 8th grade Math)

Online Learning Experience: Art Appreciation

Science (Chemistry; Biology; Physical Science; Earth Science; Grade 7 Science)

Social Studies (US History; Government; World History; Economics; Career Exploration; 7th Grade Social Studies)

Physical Education: (Phys-Ed & Health)

Arabic/Cultural Studies